When I first purchased this 1958 Ghia limousine it was a non-runner. The engine was loose in the engine bay and had 1958 valve covers on it which is incorrect for a Ghia. Nothing really functioned and the quarter panels had been replaced. I finished the installation of the engine and all of the accessories. I re-cored the radiator, put on fresh brakes, repaired the windows and divider glass, made everything but the air conditioner function and just stopped there because of my interest in other Ghias.

The quarter panels and trunk floor have obviously been replaced for rust repair because of the lack of Ghia specific horizontal trim and the rear reflectors not being molded in. The rear interior is of the “No Wood” style and has all of the appropriate Ghia pieces. The car was originally black, was painted gold and the primer was applied during the quarter panel replacement. However, there is still extensive rust in the rockers and the bottom of the doors. The car still has its original cast rocker moldings on it and the headliner has been removed and used as a pattern for restoration but will be supplied with the car.

What’s wrong with the car: this car needs a complete restoration to include metalwork and all mechanical component rebuild. The exhaust system supplied was a quick and dirty one and is non Ghia specific, the generator is incorrect but one is supplied with the parts but without a pulley. The air conditioning clutch is incorrect but one is supplied with parts. The rear clock bezel is missing but a mold blank is supplied to have a new one recast. The wheels and hubcaps are of the wrong size/type and the rear quarter panels need to be modified to Ghia specifications. The electrical system has not been restored and will need attention because the dome lamp system does not work. The speedometer is inoperative, the radio antenna does not work, the transmission leaks. The left vent hinge is missing.

Along with a new gas tank that is already installed, there are many reproduction/replacement/NOS parts included with the sale of this vehicle. One being a complete set of reproduction side glass. See pictures.

The car runs and drives well, however needs a complete restoration. It has 99% of the Ghia parts that it takes to restore this vehicle and is now a worthy restoration project.